Awakening in limbo, you meet the angel promising you entry to heaven as long as you follow them to the gate, your lantern showing you the way. But is the angel truly someone you can trust?


  • Clear puzzles in platforming segments, and sneak by demons as they try to catch you! 
  • use the custom made lantern controller to light up the path ahead and secrets waiting for you!
    • The lantern controller uses sensors to detect your movement and mimic it ingame, use it to light up the area around you
    • (the game can also be played using a mouse and keyboard)

Recommended resolution 1920x1080

Made using unity, visual studio and photoshop


Image drawn by Jasper D'Aniello


Alexander Frestadius - lead playtester, level design, product owner

Josefin Glasell - lead programmer

Katalin Preszl - 2D character art

Lina Agrell - supporting programmer


Madalina Rusu - 2D background and UI art

Theo Flejmer - producer, supporting programmer

Diego Demarco - sound designer

Special thanks to Diego Demarco  who partnered with us  during this project. You can find him at:

If you have any feedback for us, please fill out this form:

Thank you for playing! 

Install instructions

download and unzip the game


HB ver 1.2 74 MB
HB ver 1.2 mac 74 MB
HB ver 1.2 mac windowed 74 MB
HB ver 1.2 windowed 74 MB

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